Joker Towing CC

Towing and Transport

Rollback Transport & Towing Service - 24/7/365

We move anything, anywhere, anytime! 

Containers, forklifts, TLB's, generators, compressors,  cherry pickers, skip bins, lifts, drilling machines, building material, machinery & parts, steel, wood, glass and plastic products,   any vehicles incl. racing cars, modified cars, show cars, bakkies, 4x4, busses, boats, truck cabs, trucks,  trailers, caravans and bikes, salvage towing, etc.


Our drivers are friendly, fully trained, experienced and trustworthy.

We deliver a high quality of service excellence to our clients, with

hard work  - team work - commitment and passion.


Tel: 073-180-1080 Email: [email protected]

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